Concept Art for LOTRO

I’ve been gathering some of the fantastic concept art for the Lord of the Rings Online game. I wish someone would put together a “making of” book for this game. I think the world builders for this game are amazing! It’s funny, the first time I played this game for free, I was walking around near the Inn of the Forsaken and there was a road with a broken bridge. And if you looked below the bridge, you could see a worn out path from people having to walk down in the dry river (remember this is a video game and you have to put details like this in). As soon as I saw that I knew this would be a good game. (Alas, when they redid the area, they got rid of this foot path.)

Thank you to these amazing artists:
Chris J. Anderson, Wesley Burt, Devon Cady-lee, Jeff Murchie, Ted Nasmith, Tara Rueping, Lucas Slominski

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